St1 Nordic Energy Outlook

The global energy challenge calls for significant measures. Action is needed now, but you have to know your roadmap.

The population growth and GDP growth are the key drivers of increased energy demand, and the steep upward trend in all of them will continue for decades to come. The world does not have technological solutions needed to annihilate climate change. Major technological breakthroughs are needed in every segment, which underlines the need to step up R&D investments significantly from the current levels. At the same time it’s paramount to find ways to change our behaviour, in other words, to simply use less energy in our daily lives.

St1 Nordic Energy Outlook 2017 Edition presents our view of changes and challenges in the Nordic energy market during the next couple of decades. This is an update to the first Edition published in June 2016. As new elements we have included Aviation and Marine energy chapters, which lay out their development scenarios. The Electricity chapter includes now the outcome of St1’s new electricity market and price model. In the Road transport chapter we have further elaborated the ongoing EU regulative process and its potential impact on the Nordic countries. We have also updated the original pack where applicable.

As always, we are open to dialogue, and we love to be proven wrong in any of our analysis and claims. Thus, we invite you all to join the ride of continuous improvement of St1 Nordic Energy Outlook!​

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