“Fuel from waste. The idea intrigued me. I immediately knew it had something in it.”

-Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the St1 Board and majority shareholder

A Finnish energy company that challenges the conventional

Our vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. So far, St1 has bioethanol plants in Finland; an oil refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden; and service stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The cornerstone of our business is the sale of liquid fuels for transport and heating use to consumers and the corporate sector. In the petrol station business, we have St1 and Shell networks, the latter under a licence agreement.

Our strong performance in the traditional oil business enables us to invest in the future and to build a solid foundation for realising our vision through renewable energy. We are already recycling waste for fuel and using wind power to produce electricity. In the spirit of our vision, each of our solutions must be technically and economically feasible and ecologically sustainable – today.

Clean energy from the depths of the Earth

St1 is drilling seven kilometres into the bedrock of Espoo - deeper than ever before in Finland. The goal of St1 Deep Heat is to build Finland’s first industrial scale heat plant running on geothermal energy. Energy company Fortum will act as a partner and buy the energy for Espoo’s district heating network.

St1 already has experience on sustainably produced energy, and geothermal heat is a natural next step. The process where geothermal heat is extracted is fairly simple. Process begins when two 7-km-deep holes are drilled into the crust of the Earth. Water is fed down to the bedrock where its temperature will rise due to geothermal heat. The hot water will rise up, and the heat will be entered into district heating network. A complete plant should produce as much as 40 megawatts of energy.

The challenge of the project is Finland’s hard bedrock and a specially manufactured drill is needed to get through. Still it takes months to drill a 7-km-deep hole. The heat plant itself will be completed in 2018, and it is planned to cover 10% of the district heating needed in Espoo. If the pilot succeeds the technology can also be taken into use elsewhere in in the Nordic countries.

Meeting the energy needs of all customers

More than 600,000 customer visits every day

Our retail business has its foundation in a strong petrol station network. The St1- and Shell-branded network is present in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Hundreds of thousands of customers visit us every day. Depending on the location, the network serves different needs of people on the go. The distribution network consists of unmanned stations and service stations with convenience stores and restaurants. We have been building a strong, wide retail presence in order to create a platform for introducing and commercialising new fuel products.

From home heating to aviation services

We serve both private and corporate customers also outside the retail network. Through our direct and wholesale channels, we sell and deliver a wide range of oil products – among them heating oil, middle distillates for machinery and marine fuels. We co-own with Shell an aviation fuels company serving Norwegian airports. Subsidiary company St1 Lähienergia Oy sells and installs devices based on renewable energy sources. Our product and service range also includes payment and credit cards meeting our customers’ specific needs.

One of the world’s most energy-efficient refineries

St1 has an oil refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden, with an annual refining capacity of approximately 30 million barrels of crude oil. We refine LPG, kerosene, petrol, diesel and light fuel oils with low sulphur content. The majority of the refinery's production is sold in Sweden.

Nearly a third of the heat generated by the production equipment is recycled to the city’s district heating network to heat almost 70,000 homes in the Gothenburg area.

Over the last few decades, several hundred million Swedish krona have been invested in the manufacture of highly environment-friendly products and in decreasing the emissions from production.

All of the products comply with the applicable environmental requirements. We engage in active environmental protection work and have EMAS and ISO 14001 certificates.

Of the total turnover, 26% was generated in Finland, 71% in Sweden and 3% in Norway.

Learn more about our decentralised production – this is how the world’s most environment-friendly bioethanol is made.

From waste-based bioethanol to wind power

St1's vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. What does this mean? Our goal is to develop and commercialise well-functioning, environmentally friendly energy solutions and to realise them in a profitable manner. Each of our solutions must be technologically feasible – today. Our solutions must also be ecologically and ethically sustainable and logistically sensible.

We are already recycling waste for use as fuel and using wind power to produce electricity. Little by little, we are moving the dial from fossil-based, imported energy toward clever domestic, renewable alternatives.

This is enabling us to produce more and more sustainably produced and affordable energy for consumers. For your car, home or company. It’s simply the smart thing to do.

Cars powered intelligently by waste and leftovers

St1 replaces fossil energy by recycling waste from households and the retail and industrial sectors, turning it into the world’s cleanest fuel and simultaneously reducing its fossil CO2 emissions. We manufacture bioethanol for traffic use from various waste and residues, such as:

  • Biowaste from households
  • Leftover dough from bakeries
  • Expired bread and other organic waste from shops
  • Waste from beer and other beverage production
  • Waste and process residues from confectionery production
  • Starch- and sugar-containing waste from the food industry

We turn wind into electricity

TuuliWatti, a company 50% owned by St1, develops and builds wind farms on land. The company’s aim for the near future is to create significant wind power capacity all over Finland. The graph below presents TuuliWatti Oy’s wind power production over the past 12 months.

Total production at present

15.12.2017 12:20

168,54 MW

Wind power production over the past 12 months

  12/2016 1/2017 2/2017 3/2017 4/2017 5/2017 6/2017 7/2017 8/2017 9/2017 10/2017 11/2017
  122981 MWh 131342 MWh 67114 MWh 116370 MWh 91213 MWh 81520 MWh 66055 MWh 58794 MWh 99181 MWh 67432 MWh 102707 MWh 142342 MWh
KITKIAISVAARA 12617 MWh 12847 MWh 5126 MWh 8888 MWh 7688 MWh 7096 MWh 5192 MWh 4698 MWh 7019 MWh 5486 MWh 7680 MWh 9099 MWh
HALMEKANGAS 0 MWh 901 MWh 1516 MWh 6213 MWh 9434 MWh 8279 MWh 5715 MWh 5430 MWh 8804 MWh 5865 MWh 9201 MWh 12693 MWh
OLHAVA2 3301 MWh 3522 MWh 1847 MWh 3130 MWh 2546 MWh 2177 MWh 1427 MWh 1317 MWh 2359 MWh 1512 MWh 1947 MWh 3205 MWh
MUSTILANKANGAS2 13566 MWh 14694 MWh 7401 MWh 11910 MWh 7713 MWh 7698 MWh 5807 MWh 4842 MWh 9103 MWh 5250 MWh 7801 MWh 12241 MWh
MUSTILANKANGAS1 13184 MWh 14179 MWh 7411 MWh 11768 MWh 7855 MWh 7415 MWh 5903 MWh 4641 MWh 8791 MWh 5398 MWh 7716 MWh 12031 MWh
SIMO 5898 MWh 6524 MWh 2903 MWh 5390 MWh 4057 MWh 3339 MWh 2276 MWh 2118 MWh 3688 MWh 2389 MWh 3799 MWh 5838 MWh
ONKALO2 0 MWh 0 MWh 71 MWh 312 MWh 698 MWh 1738 MWh 1511 MWh 1431 MWh 2504 MWh 1709 MWh 2524 MWh 3835 MWh
PEITTOO 16873 MWh 15993 MWh 9401 MWh 14879 MWh 9048 MWh 5224 MWh 6208 MWh 5727 MWh 8845 MWh 6644 MWh 12023 MWh 13201 MWh
SARVANKANGAS 0 MWh 0 MWh 0 MWh 0 MWh 1422 MWh 4431 MWh 4935 MWh 5586 MWh 11032 MWh 6635 MWh 10058 MWh 15513 MWh
TERVOLA 10891 MWh 10853 MWh 4176 MWh 9111 MWh 7132 MWh 6559 MWh 4914 MWh 4184 MWh 6759 MWh 4654 MWh 6828 MWh 9794 MWh
LEIPIO2 12737 MWh 15600 MWh 8257 MWh 13704 MWh 10708 MWh 9092 MWh 6112 MWh 5354 MWh 8903 MWh 6469 MWh 10117 MWh 14776 MWh
JANESKEIDAS 10477 MWh 10223 MWh 5637 MWh 8903 MWh 6545 MWh 5059 MWh 5261 MWh 4387 MWh 5897 MWh 4605 MWh 7467 MWh 8014 MWh
MARYNUMMI 2862 MWh 2149 MWh 1604 MWh 2427 MWh 1741 MWh 1147 MWh 1695 MWh 1162 MWh 1583 MWh 1479 MWh 2105 MWh 2109 MWh
PORI 654 MWh 1074 MWh 744 MWh 1174 MWh 797 MWh 469 MWh 452 MWh 504 MWh 614 MWh 423 MWh 816 MWh 891 MWh
MUSTILANKANGAS3 6445 MWh 7484 MWh 3859 MWh 6190 MWh 4336 MWh 3965 MWh 3289 MWh 2504 MWh 4630 MWh 3023 MWh 4241 MWh 6087 MWh
LEIPIO 5413 MWh 6204 MWh 2466 MWh 4663 MWh 3381 MWh 2708 MWh 1998 MWh 1786 MWh 3117 MWh 2060 MWh 3197 MWh 5082 MWh
OLHAVA 8064 MWh 9095 MWh 4695 MWh 7709 MWh 6110 MWh 5123 MWh 3360 MWh 3122 MWh 5532 MWh 3829 MWh 5186 MWh 7935 MWh